Craft-PvP (x50)
Gracia Final

Top RB Hunters of April

1 SKOOY 252
2 Vulcano 248
3 ClassySavage 241
5 Awkward 116

New Event: WTB Video for COLs!

We start new Event!
We buy 3 videos from players per week!
During every week u make video how u play on L2Tox.com
PvP, PvE, Castle sieges, Territory Wars, farm of epics!
Video must be:
Name of server at name of video, link to server at video description
Max game quality (Texture High, Modeling Detail High, Motion Detail High)
Youtube quality 720p or higher
Length of video must be 2:30 or longer
Video must be with music or voice (with sound)
Send link of video on Youtube to blaze_l2toxic@hotmail.com
Also write name of your character in game and u will get 5 col for each video, which we will post on site!
Videos should be new from current week only! We don't accept some olds videos!