Craft-PvP (x50)
Gracia Final

Top RB Hunters of July


New Olympiad Sets event

Monastery of Silence event finished
- until the end of year, you can still enchant bracelets for HGFA
- to add +1 enchant for 4000 hgfa until +10 to bracelet
for enchant write your nickname to email: blaze_l2toxic@hotmail.com

New Olympiad Sets event (event time: 24.12.2022 - 31.01.2023)
- Ketra and Varka quest mobs drop changes - Quest items Varka's Mane or Molar of Ketra Orc drop increased x2
- Adena drop increased x2. Proof of Catching a Fish and 2 Festival Adena added to drop.