Craft-PvP (x50)
Gracia Final

Top RB Hunters of June

1 resurector 695
2 St3listul 656
3 Arctor 427
4 Bullrich 423
5 OnlySpH 324

Can't donate? Free Farm of Donation Coins!

Remember! You can farm DONATION coins from all epic Raid Bosses, from usual Raid Bosses, from event Caravan and on Olympiad!
School of Dark Arts
New Farm Zone was added - Instance School of Dark Arts. 
You can farm DONATION coins at this zone too!
Spoil - Adamantine, Orichalcum, Leonard! Farm TOP Grade Festival Adena, Yellow Paper and more items from Rabbit! Event Hunting for the Rabbit was moved from Cruma Tower to this new Farm Zone. 
Players in S grade items enchanted max +6 can farm at this zone! So any newbie can join server and start to enjoy!
Speak with Cat - Event Gatekeeper for teleport inside!
More info you can find at event gatekeeper!