Craft-PvP (x50)
Gracia Final

Top RB Hunters of June

1 resurector 695
2 St3listul 656
3 Arctor 427
4 Bullrich 419
5 OnlySpH 319

Video Event - First days at Server

Who will make the best video "L2Tox.com - My First days at Server"?
For the best 3 videos, each player will receive 50 cols as reward!
All participants will receive 5 cols!

Video must be:

At name of video must be - L2Tox.com !!!
The event will last until March 31 !!!
Youtube quality 720p or higher.
Video must be with music or voice (with sound).
The title must include L2Tox.com

Please send links to your videos to email - blaze_l2toxic@hotmail.com